My Approach

The past is part of your present consciousness—it forms the spectacles through which you experience the present

Irvin Yalom

My core training is in psychodynamic psychotherapy. I also draw from attachment theory and more recently a Jungian approach. The sessions are focused on the ‘here and now’, thinking of your current situation and the changes you would like to make. However, we cannot change what we do not understand therefore the sessions also involve making sense of the connection between the past and the present. 

During our work together, I am also tuning into unconscious processes. I like to think of the conscious mind as a secondary organ, we think is running the show but it’s not! In therapy we explore what’s ‘behind the scenes’. Through this process, a new way of thinking about early experiences and current circumstances are created that help make sense of your feelings and patterns in relationships.

Whether you are presenting with general relationship issues or a specific sexual difficulty, my approach uses a combination of psychodynamic therapy, CBT, behavioural exercises and mindfulness practice. I also practice somatic trauma therapy. Above all, I hold a non judgmental and sex positive/kink aware approach which appreciates the uniqueness of each individual and is oriented toward potential rather than pathology.


Olivia Luna COSRT

BACP Olivia Luna

Olivia Luna

Psychosexual and Couple Psychotherapy 

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